Friday, March 21, 2014

One Day Of Spring


Hi there my lovelies!  Isn't that picture just gorgeous?  Sitting here at my desk, I can see a few buds and white sprouts on some trees outside and it makes me smile.  I can't wait until there are flowers and blooms everywhere, but at the rate we're going, it seems like those days are never going to get here.  We are forecast to have one fleeting day of Spring this weekend.  Saturday it will be about 75 degrees here!  Woo hoo!!  But by Sunday the high will only be 55 and by Tuesday, well, let's just say Mother Nature is going to rear her ugly winter head again.  At the very least, it sounds like we're going to get another wintry mix, if not a full blown winter storm.  Please Lord, make it stop!!!  Us Southern folks just aren't used to this and we can't take it anymore!

Oh, you wear snow boots and flip flops in the same week? You must live in North Carolina...
Ain't that the TRUTH! 

So, the question is, what all can I squeeze out of Saturday?  I have so much that I need to do!  The back deck is a disaster.  The dogs have had a field day with the chair cushions and empty flower pots out there. Their dog bed has been dragged all over the place, knocking stuff over, and it's just been too cold and miserable to get out there and do anything about it.  Our front porch looks like Fred Sanford's house (Play Sanford and Son's theme song in your head. You know you want to!) - sleds and totes and various other junkery is everywhere.  Besides that, all of my Fall and Christmas decorations are STILL piled up in the garage because of our swampy back yard situation.  That's going to be fixed soon (yes!!!), but I really need to get that stuff out of the garage so I can get to my craft supplies.  I'm not doing as many craft shows this year, but I have a big one coming up at the end of May and I have GOT to get busy since it will be slow going in this wrist brace.  Plus, I'm really itching to create something since I've not been able to do much due to my wrist surgery and I'm just bursting at the seams with ideas and little projects.  The Hub and Bub are in for a real treat - they get to help me move all of this stuff to the storage barn tomorrow!  My plan is to use my big garden cart to pack stuff in, then we can roll it around into the neighbor's yard and hand boxes and totes over the fence so we don't have to trudge through all the muck.  We don't want the cart to get stuck in the muck, now do we?  "Stuck in the muck" - hey, that's a good way to describe what our winter has been like here!

Once that is done, my house needs to be cleaned.  It is bad - really, really BAD.  My wrist feels substantially better this week, so I feel like I can get back to my regular cleaning activities now.  It's a good thing too... The tumbleweeds of dog hair are taking over.  Apparently, no one in my household besides me knows how to use a vacuum or a broom.  The teenage boy funk has spread from the Bub's room into the hall bathroom and that has to be addressed ASAP.  He will be cleaning that up tomorrow and getting a lesson in how to keep the bathroom clean when Mom is out of commission.  He's 16 years old and does his own laundry - I know he can keep a bathroom relatively unpolluted.  I have a lot of clean laundry piled up in the bedroom too.  The Hub's been taking care of our laundry the past couple of weeks and I really appreciate that - now I just have to get it all put away.  I don't think any trash besides in the kitchen has been emptied since I went under the knife either.  And there's lots of clutter everywhere too - I've let that get a little out of hand and I need to get all of it put away/organized.  My Mom's birthday is Sunday and I'm having them over for dinner, so I can't let my Mama come eat at a dirty house, ya know?  Am I the only one whose house has to be pretty spotless when Mama comes over?  It's not her - it's definitely me.  Mine wouldn't care at all if my house was a mess, but for some reason I just want it to be clean when she comes over.

Somewhere in all of this commotion, I would like to find time to do some crafting. Maybe I'll start by painting some picture frames and getting them ready for chalkboards or memo boards.  I also want to get my new sewing machine set up. I promised my niece I would make her an infinity scarf and it would probably be helpful if I actually got the sewing machine out of the box!  Sunday I just want to cook and spend time with the family.

What all will you try to squeeze into your weekend?  I hope the weather's nice where you are and that it will stay that way!


Thursday, March 13, 2014

First Attempt At Jewelry Making

Hey Y'all, how's it going?  I'm having a great day so far and I hope you are too.  I get my stitches out tomorrow and might get my brace off too, so I'm really happy about that.  Since my wrist was feeling so much better by Sunday, I attempted to make some jewelry.  It's something I've wanted to try for a while now and I thought it might be easier for me to do since it requires more finger work than wrist bending.  It was a little difficult and slow going because it involved more wrist movement than I expected, but I had fun doing it.  I made these pieces just for me, not to sell, so they're not anything spectacular, but I like them.  I bought all of the trinkets and chains at either Michael's or A.C. Moore and all I had to do was add some scrapbook paper to a couple of them.  Easy breezy!

I made this one to go with a pair of owl earrings that I have.  I just sized the scrapbook paper to the frame and used Modge Podge to secure it.  It's on a pretty short chain, maybe 16 inches.

I did the same thing on this one with the scrapbook paper.  It's on a much longer chain though, probably 30 inches. I glued the bird onto the frame and added this huge safety pin to the chain.  The pin was really more of an office supply I think.  It came from one of the bargain bins at Michael's.  I'm not sure if I like the pin that much, so I might take it off and look for something else to replace it.  But I LOVE the bird! 

This cute little birdcage is on a short chain and I'm thinking about maybe trying to paint the star just to give it a little pop of color.  What do y'all think?  Paint it or leave it?

And I think this simple one is my favorite.  A patient who came to our office recently was wearing a pocket watch on a chain.  It was her grandfather's and her mother had it made into a necklace for her.  What a sweet thing to do!  I just fell in love with it and when I saw this pretty one at A.C. Moore, I just had to have it.  I've worn it twice already!

Now, this next picture has nothing to do with jewelry, or crafting, or DIY, or anything else that I ever talk about here, but I saw it and it really applies to my life right now.  I made a real lifestyle change in early February, just trying to get healthier and in good shape.  I've cleaned up my diet, dropped all diet sodas, added tons of fruits, veggies, and lean proteins as well as adding exercise to my daily routine.  I've dropped a few pounds and some inches, nothing drastic, but I feel so much better.  Anyway, in the past, I've always gotten discouraged when I work out and don't see super fast results.  This time I'm taking it slow and being really patient, but I saw this meme and it just cracked me up...

Is that true for everyone, or is it just me?  That is SOOOO me!  I just keep reminding myself - "patience is a virtue, patience is a virtue".  So, I guess the moral of that story is just one big cliche' - No Pain, No Gain; Rome Wasn't Built In A Day; Good Things Come To Those Who Wait; Suck It Up, Buttercup; etc., etc...

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my jewels and my tales of impatience :)


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Where, oh where, has my little blog gone....

Hello my lovelies!  Been wondering where I've been?  Me too!  Well, if you check the picture below, it's pretty self-explanatory... 

I injured my wrist a while back.  My husband, who does Sports Medicine for a living, told me to "rub some dirt on it, it'll be fine" and "don't be such a baby".  Four months later, when I get to the point where I can't turn doorknobs or the steering wheel without excruciating pain, I finally get him to make me an appointment with one of the hand surgeons he works with.  Doc says why in the world did you wait four months to see a doctor about this?  Please refer back to my husband's previous comments...I was trying not to be a baby, dang it!  Anyway, turns out I tore a ligament in my wrist that was allowing the muscle to pop out and rotate across my wrist bone, or something like that.  In other words, it wasn't going to get better on it's own, so it had to be surgically repaired. Fun times.  Of course, it's my right hand, which means I've been pretty helpless lately.  And I've been DYING to do something creative.  So over the weekend, I managed to do a tiny project and even painted a lil' something!

I've been collecting these L's for a while now to fill up this space beside my giant blue window.  On Friday, while off work due to the massive ice storm we got, I discovered that I finally had enough L's!  All I had to do was decoupage some scrapbook paper onto one of them.  But then there was too big of an open space below the L's.  What to do, what to do?  I dumpster dived out in my garage (it really is like my own personal dumpster right now!) to find the wooden tray and thought maybe I'd paint our last name on it. Seriously, girl, who are you kidding?!  You can barely hold a paint brush!  True story, bro.  Maybe a monogram then? More diving...more letters!  I found the three letters that represent, the Hub, the Bub, and me.  I managed to paint the letters and the tray (rather messily) and sand them down a little.  I decoupaged paper onto the letters and glued them to the tray.

It's not perfect, but I think it turned out pretty cute.  Most importantly, it represents our little family in a unique way.  I put my own initial in the middle because it's my favorite place to be - right between my two guys!

I apologize for the shabby photography, but by the time I finished painting and sanding and hanging all of this, I could barely press the button on my camera, much less do a lot of re-shoots!  Needless to say, I was feeling it the next day and my wrist and hand were really sore.  I overdid it a little bit, but I got my DIY/creativity fix for a few days!  Hope you all have a great Hump Day!

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Monday, February 17, 2014

Return from Snow Carnage 2014

Penny/corgi butt in the snow | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
The rare and illustrious Snowcorg - day two of Snow Carnage.  Corgi on, Snowcorg!
Hey folks!  I've been away for a few days, buried under all the snow we got here in NC last Wednesday and Thursday.  I love snow and we don't get it very often here.  Rarely do we get more than an inch or two and I get a little jealous seeing how much snow other parts of the country get..  That is, until I'm trapped in traffic for over three hours trying to get home!  My normal seven minute commute became a total ordeal, complete with two police-dictated detours, a car dangling over a creek, very heavy snow, and massive amounts of sleet.  I was kind of a nervous wreck by the time I got home.  My Dad's phone call to fuss at me for leaving work too late and for not going a different way home didn't help either, but he meant well. I couldn't leave until all of our patients and employees were gone and every route I tried to take home was just a nightmare.   The Hub was cool as a cucumber, but the Bub was worried that I would have to sleep in my car out in the mini-Atlanta we had going on here!  Here's just a peek of the traffic on one of my attempted routes...

This route wasn't too bad, or so I thought.  It turned out to be a bad choice.

I waited here for an hour in heavy sleet before police re-routed us.

While I was out navigating the mean streets, the Hub was out playing with the dogs.  They loved it.  Daisy tried to catch it in her mouth and Ducky just wanted to slide around playing with his football.  The sleet eventually got too painful and they had to go inside.

You can still see the grass here...

15 minutes later - no grass.  That's how fast it was coming down!

Once I finally got home, I couldn't believe how hard and how long it sleeted.  It was still sleeting at 4am, so over 12 hours!  Then it snowed pretty heavily until 3pm the next day.  We shoveled our driveway, and both of our elderly neighbor's driveways once it stopped.  We got a snowman built too while we watched the fire truck that got stuck going up the hill in our neighborhood try to dig it's way out.  They were stuck for two hours, blocking the entire street.  Not sure why they thought it would be a good idea to come down the hill in the first place, ya know?

The Bub shoveling away.  Yes, he's not wearing a coat or hat.  Teenagers!!

Their snow chains snapped, so that didn't help any...

And what every yard needs - a Saints snowman!

Once it got dark and all the little kids had gone inside, we got out our big Minnesota snow sled and headed for the hills in our neighborhood.  We had a blast and a few wipe outs!  Then it was inside for some good old fashioned hot chocolate in our cozy little cottage.  I slept really good that night from dragging that sled up the hill so many times!  And I didn't blog at all - I just enjoyed the time with my family.  Now it's back to business though.  Aside from the traffic nightmare, it was a fun snow overall, but we're glad it's over.  I just hate when the snow becomes snirt (snow mixed with dirt) - it's so ugly!  


Monday, February 10, 2014

My Ironstone Collection

Howdy folks, how was your weekend?  Mine was fantastic, thanks!  I got a lot done around the house and spent some quality time with the family.  My parents came over Sunday for pintos and cornbread.  Ain't nuttin' better than a pot o' pintos in my book.  Yummy in my tummy!

As promised, I'm showing off the beginnings of my ironstone collection today.  My mom has some pieces that I'll inherit someday and she was commenting on how pretty mine looks in my $30 cabinet and I have to agree.  It does look nice and I'm glad I didn't paint the cabinet white like I originally planned, otherwise my ironstone wouldn't stand out the way it does.

I love these pitchers and bowls.  I mostly collect small pitchers and creamers - there's something about their dainty, curvy handles and spouts that I just can't resist.

The two floral pieces aren't ironstone of course, but they belonged to my grandmother.

She didn't have a lot of fancy or beautiful things, so I'm thankful to have gotten these.

This platter with the lacy edges is a favorite of mine.

This small tureen is also a favorite - I love the detail on the lid.

Dried hydrangeas and ironstone are so classic together.

Here are a few of my other pieces.  Some aren't real ironstone, but they'll do until I 
find more of the real thing to replace them!

My collection is small and nothing fancy, but I love it.  What treasures do you collect?  Tell me in the comments - I love to hear from you and read every one!


Friday, February 7, 2014

Closet Organization Progress

Happy Friday everybody! And I mean T.G.I.F., people! I am ready to do some puttering around at home this weekend. I really need to get back to my organizing projects and do just one little rearrangement of some furniture so I can feel like I've accomplished something. The closet in the entryway and the hall closet can be checked off my list and I promised to show the before and after, so here you go...but remember, don't judge!

You may or may not be able to tell that this closet once had some semblance of organization. However, you may also know how tough it is to convince the male species that it's a good idea to put things back in their rightful place so that it's easy to find the next time you need it.                                                                                                                  

My plan for organizing my garage craft/work space includes an area for tools and drills, etc., so that will free up a lot of space in this closet.  I want to remove these wire shelves and hang something better in here, but that's a project for later on when I can also do my pantry and the other closets.

At least now I can find a container for leftovers when I need one!  I went through the "overflow" cookbooks (i.e., the ones I don't have room for in the kitchen) that were on the top shelf and only kept the ones I really love and use.  The ones I'm keeping are stacked in the laundry room for now until I figure out a good place for them.

So, on to the closet in the entryway...

Things fall on me or spill out onto my feet every time I open this closet.  It also had some semblance of order back in the day, but  - well, you know.

Ducky wanted to help but was distracted by the site of his harness and thought we were going for a walk or a ride.  When he realized we weren't going out, he sulked off to go pout on the couch.

It's not pretty, but it's clean and organized!  I'll do my best to keep it looking like this, but we'll just have to see how much cooperation I get from my male counterparts.

So, on to what's next on my list:

Junk drawers
Entryway closet
Hall closet
Utility closet
Linen closet
Garage (for the 1000th time!)
Storage barn (for the 500th time)

Utility closet, here I come!  There's not much room because of the hot water heater, but you won't believe all the junk that's crammed in there.  That one's mostly my fault, I admit, so I won't grumble (too much) about making it right.

On Monday, I'll be showing you the beginnings of my ironstone collection, so be sure to stop back by and take a look.  Have a great weekend!


Thursday, February 6, 2014

Can I Get A Little Love?

Hey Y'all! Hope you've all been having a lovely week so far. I've been really busy with work and am so looking forward to the weekend. I did take a quick trip to IKEA Tuesday to get a couple of things and spent a couple hours browsing at The Depot in Concord, NC. Saw some cute Valentine's decor and plenty of chippy and rusty goodness to add to my wish list. I love that place and am dying to have a booth there, but it's just too expensive for me right now. But a girl can walk around and dream, right?

Meanwhile, LOVE is in the air at my house right now. I've been doing a little Valentine's decorating. "Little" is the operative word here - I don't go overboard with Valentine's Day, just a touch of lovey-dovey as you come into the house and some pretties in the entryway. This year, I'm decorating on the fly since I can't get to any of my decorations in the storage barn. Our backyard is off limits right now due to the swamp situation. Shoot, I'm just gonna go ahead and tell it like it is - we now live on our very own piece of waterfront property. Or as we like to call it, Lake Lavender. We are getting close to a solution we think - fingers, toes, eyes - everything is crossed hoping we can get this fixed soon. Maybe I can trudge through the dankness to get out there this weekend. But for now, I have managed to plant a little heart garden by the front door...

Here's the little bit I've done in the entryway. The garlands were made from a kit that I got from Micheal's. And the "all you need is LOVE" was inspired by a post I saw on 320 Sycamore a couple of weeks ago.

Now, if I can just stay out of that candy that I pass by so many times a day, I'll be okay!